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Another Fun Recording

I just recorded 3 more fun (and difficult) tunes for Vance Kelly Music. Vance is working on is first solo project and is the sax wielding producer and mastermind. This time it was a slow, syncopated groove that was perfectly out of my comfort zone! No room for "loose" phrasing, either. So I had 2 strikes against me before we even started! The second tune was a lilting soca/samba thing. A great catchy tune from the venerable John Carrozza, who was co-producing, engineering, and playing. The tune ended up with the working title, 'Damn You, John!'. And it was fantastic! I even broke out my one and only splash cymbal that I haven't played in 10 years. What a hoot! All kidding aside it was a great day and great hang, as usual. The third number was an upbeat poppy tune with some snazzy guitar and Lap Steel goings on courtesy of Steve Cunningham and John Carrozza. 2 very talented Brave fanatics right there, folks!

I was joined by Joseph Patrick Moore on bass, Steve Cunningham on lap steel, and wild-man Nico Gutierrez on percussion and pan. Always a treat to hear these guys. The first few tunes can be found on itunes under Vance Kelly Music. These 3 will be there in the near future, as well. Go check it out!


"Damn you, John!!"