Wayne Viar

Drums Percussion Programming Education

AbbaMania / Dominican Republic (Round 2)

The Spring AbbaMania tour was fantastic this year. Great people, great organization, great venues, great experience! It's SO nice to be part of such a well organized, well planned, well run playing situation. Special shout out to Todd Littlewood, uber manager, who goes WAY out of his way to be sure we are taken care of better than we deserve...and he does it from across the pond!

We began in the Dominican Republic (Same crew I did with the Elton John show!) and it was great. Nothing like 86º weather in February! Then we went from the West Coast to the East Coast...all the way down the East Coast from Massachussettes to Florida! Summer to Spring to Winter and back to Summer all in one month. Just one reason I love to tour!

Also, I have mentioned this to quite a few people, but I must give a huge public kudos to Ali Ward and Kirby Jo Long. These 2 vocalists bring it EVERY single night! No whining, no complaints, no excuses, no diva vibe. They bring it for 90 solid minutes (singing AND dancing!) anywhere from 18 to 25 days [straight] and always bring the house down. They are the bar setters for professionalism in my world. And, of course, the rest of the band and crew are the best to work with! Looking forward to the next run!