Wayne Viar

Drums Percussion Programming Education

Kenny Garrett (...and Crew!)

It's been a busy and interesting day. All the business details aside, I had the unique opportunity to witness a living legend practice earnestly for the love of his craft, school a younger generation of caring musicians during sound check, play his main axe with the artistry and expression one only dreams of reaching in a lifetime, and be a authentic and warm person.

It was my pleasure to provide Kenny's drummer with a kit for his 4 sold out shows in Atlanta this week at the Velvet Note. The band was a bunch of appreciative and kind hearted guys full of energy and something to say. I also learned that McClenty Hunter (drums) and Corcoran Holt (bass) were good friends of some of my old school Homies from North Carolina - Carroll V. Dashiell III and Vaughn Ambrose. Small world moment! Being around that level of musicianship and humanity was extremely refreshing and timely for me. I look forward to seeing where these guys talents will take them over the course of their careers.