Wayne Viar

Drums Percussion Programming Education

Bassist Extraordinaire: Dexter Whittaker. This guy is an old skool friend who schooled me early on. It was some of the most helpful and joyful experiences I have ever had as a musician. Check him out whenever you get the opportunity!


Bassist Extraordinaire: Joseph Patrick Moore: This guy I'm lucky to call a friend and play with now, although never enough! You've probably heard or seen him already but do yourself a favor and check out all of his stuff!


Organist, Keyboardist and Vocalist extraordinaire: Adrian Duke: I have played with this guy off and on since the 90s!! Such a talented freak! He's as quirky and funny as he is talented! Go bu all of his stuff now!


Drummer Extraordinaire: Cliff Almond: OK, seriously, this guy is probably THE most underrated/under-the-radar drummer on the planet! He's been a huge influence to me since the 80s!...and he's only a couple of years older than me! Really talented player AND teacher, which is a rare combo. If you're a serious drummer, you need to subscribe and absorb as much as possible. Go!


Guitarist Extraordinaire: Wayne Krantz, ladies and gentlemen!!: This guy. He has probably been the artist (REAL artist) I've been most fascinated by the last 15 years. He is a truly unique visionary who has created his own voice that defies classification. Those who know know. Those who don't either don't get it or should.