Wayne Viar

Drums Percussion Programming Education

"Officially Caved on the Website Thing..."

Welcome to the official website of Wayne Viar...not to be confused with the many unofficial sites started by crazed fans across the world!

So here it is... yet another website. Just what the internet needs, right? Well, after much resistance I have finally caved under the pressure to "get a site together", as it’s the 'business card of the times'. I will try to keep it simple and informative. I will occasionally mix it up with some personal observations, thoughts, findings, humor, and so on. I can't be but so unnecessarily stiff under the guise of being "professional". My main objective is for whoever stumbles upon this site, either intentionally or by chance, realizes that I do not take myself too seriously while being a very serious and reliable professional musician for recording, touring, programming and/or arranging.

Thanks for dropping by to check it out. Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, suggestions, missed edits, problems, etc. concerning the site or anything else. All feedback is welcomed and much appreciated.

Take care!!