Wayne Viar

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Dominican Republic (round 1)

I just got back from a quick, but fun, trip to the Dominican Republic with a great show full of great folks. I was really sick days before but the Caribbean air cleared me up right away....not to mention the 88º weather was much appreciated in February.

I was playing with 'Almost Elton John', featuring Craig Meyer. It's insane how much he sounds like Elton. He kills it! It's a really fun show with tons of energy and some humor to boot. I was subbing for my pal, Guy Strauss. Guy is a great drummer/percussionist. He is also awesome at getting you prepped for a gig. He really cares that the gig goes well when he's unable to make it and goes above and beyond to be sure you know the ins and outs and have everything you need to be successful. Thanks Guy!

I'm about to head back down there to the same spot with AbbaMania this coming week. How crazy is that? This time we hit Santo Domingo again, but also venture over to Punta Cana. Can't wait!!